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Anonymous sent: Hey Flavio, did you buy Santiago anything for his birthday-

Of course I did.

Anonymous sent: hi, i'm a real-life aromantic non-monogamous pansexual here to say that this is exactly the sort of gross stereotypical representation that i don't want. even if it's partly a facade, the fact that this character initially comes off as promiscuous, callous, and self-centered and 'just so happens' to also be aro pan non-monogamous really doesn't sit well with me.

((I’m very sorry you feel personally offended by Flavio as a character and consider him gross.

The fact that he is self-centered and promiscuous (then again, he comes out as that because he is incredibly vain and likes to boast about himself, he is not nearly as successful as he would like people to believe he is, but I digress here), I can assure you, is a part of his personality that I didn’t mean to associate in a negative way to pan (being pan myself), aro and/or non-monogamous people.

The non-monogamous part came mostly because I can’t see a nation-tan being together with a single person for their whole almost-endless existence, the pan is because— yeah, because I’m pan myself, and the aro because it just— fit his character, I thought?

Again, if my representation of the character offends you I’m very sorry and I apologise. I’m sure there’s more characters that happen to be non-monogamous, aro and pan that are complete sweethearts and are not as sarcastic, promiscuous little shits as Flavio. I wouldn’t feel right changing his character, because even if he is unpleasant, that’s how I studied him, with all his good and (mostly) bad points.

I hope you find better representation somewhere else (/)_(\) ))

Anonymous sent: You say you are an aromantic non-monogamous pansexual who doesn’t like children. Doesn't that mean you are jut a person who likes to have sex with both genders and not have any offspring?

—- yeeeeah? You repeated what I previously stated. Pretty much.

"Person who likes to have sex with both genders and not have any offspring" pretty much means "pansexual who doesn’t like children". I added the aromantic part and then non-monogamous.

So to be correct, you should say I am a “person who has no intention of getting married and doesn’t experience romantic attraction to other people but likes to have sex with all genders and not have any offspring due to their dislike of children in general.

Wow, that’s way more convenient than saying “aromantic non-monogamous pansexual who doesn’t like children.”.

Darling, if you are going to whine at me for using words to identify myself, I’ll ask you to think of a world where to identify things you have to describe them. All the time.

Hello, I am a human being. I come from a land which is shaped like a boot. I also like to fuck men. And women. And those who are both, neither, etc etc. i’d say pansexual for short, but apparently it’s a made up word.

Except this conversation couldn’t exist because all words are made up so I couldn’t say a thing and just— make random sounds.

Pesdklhdfhfgjj j j jijfdu yufgbvvn mmao.

2pcanako sent: you even have purple skinny jeans. sweet jesus may god have mercy



I’m calling the cops.

Flavio Vargas (2pLovino) on Twitter
Anonymous sent: Flavio, could you please explain what "aromantic non-monogamous pansexual" mean? What does this mean you are attracted to? My English is not so good so not sure what meaning is, but if you explain I will be happy :) Sorry for repeat question if is!

Aromantic: a person who experiences little to no romantic attraction to other people.

Non-monogamous: a person who has multiple romantic and/or sexual bonds.

Pansexual: a person who experiences sexual attraction to all genders identities.

Anonymous sent: i can see that you are into men but what if there would be a woman exactly your taste. Would you consider then to stay with her and have maybe a bunch of fabulous kids?


… it looks like the concept of me being an “aromantic non-monogamous pansexual who doesn’t like children” is still somehow not so clear to some people.

Anonymous sent: Atleast 1p you still looks cute when he makes an angry face. When you pull an angry face, you just look really... warped and weird and maybe even... ugly.


Anonymous sent: If you swapped bodies with your 1p self, what would be the first thing you do?

Cry at all the early wrinkles his constant frown caused to his perfect face.

Anonymous sent: Flavio would you ever hook up with Ludwig? The 1p version of lutz? Because I feel like you two would be a very good couple!


Believe me, I would GLADLY hook up with him. But the poor man is too shy to admit just how painfully attracted to me he actually is.